Smart Exam

Project description

Smart Exam is an innovative and robust web based online exam management software which helps Educational Institutions, Corporates, Government and other leading organizations to conduct online exam with ease.

Smart Exam provides simple to use online exam management system with the convenience of the web. Through the use of the web this can be accessible from any part of the world at any point of time. With this online management system, the administrator has the freedom to create online exam or questions at any point of time. These online tests or questions can be easily shared with the users. The user also has the flexibility to give the online test at any time and from anywhere as per the suitability.

Administrator can analyze the online test after the submission by the user. The online test can be analyzed through various reports as per the requirement. This will make the process of analyzing the test fast and with a high rate of accuracy.

Smart Exam, web based online exam software provides the result after completion of the test. There is no waiting for the result. At the same time after completion the user can see the result online. The user can analyze the test question wise and can categorize the questions that took more time and which are easy to solve. This will help the user to improve in the lacking area.

Smart Exam Features/Module


Topic Setup

Group Setup

Student Setup

Question Setup

Manage Paper

Manage Fixed Time Exam

Manage Question Time Limit Exam

Exam Status Report

Student Report

Attend Exam Report

Subjectwise Exam rEport

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