Restaurant Chain System

Project description

Restaurant chain management system system module helps you organise, manage, automate, and track your complex food service supply chain, procurement information, sales and centralise management of entire business.

Product information, bidding, manufacturer contracts, distribution agreements, and freight are just some of the variables that Supply Chain Management helps you conquer.

It allows you to track your purchase in the warehouse, manage and track all branches & franchises sales, purchase, and stock centrally. RDesk helps you to manage your restaurant business centrally & department wise such as warehouse, manufacturing, branch, franchise, head office. Rdesk chain is also integrated with window base POS (Point-of-sale) system that help customer to track sales of each branches and franchises.

Kerala House(UK)


Manage multiple departments such as warehouse, manufacturing, head office, branches and franchise. Manage users’ role and right department wise. Separate login for each department access.

Create and manage centralised vendor, manage warehouse purchase & distribute items to other department through supply chain & order management system. Warehouse stock management, centralised setup, tax setup

Separate login for each branch and franchise customers. Branch and franchise can order items from order management system. Track your branch stock, purchase & sale data.

Continue selling even when the internet goes down, RDesk will automatically resynchronization your sales when you’re back online.

It is a centralised management of all employees based on their attendance, salary and leave process

Check your account anytime, from anywhere, to learn more about how your restaurants are doing. Rdesk-chain is developed using industry-standard best practices. See what’s working and what’s not in real time with RDesk-chain analytics. View your entire sales history and creating customised sales reports is as easy as signing in to your account.

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