Purchase/Sales/Stock Management System

About Purchase/Sales/Stock Management System

Purchase/Sales/Stock Management System is fully automates and integrates shop/business management software for small, medium or larger businesses. The solution offers scalable, reliable and cost-effective business management functionalities to carry out business critical daily functions.

Purchase/Sales/Stock Management System is a cloud based software as service system. It is the only Software for Shop or business with extremly user friendly UI. Smart Manager software & mobile app will help any type business to manage their various tedious tasks like daily purchase, sales, stocks, expense, waste, Send SMS to Customer and many more.

We have researched the market and tried to find the software that will cater to the needs of the small and medium sized businesses, but did not find any. As of now most of the centers try to manage all their data via books, excel sheets and any book loss or harddisk crash is a nightmare for them. Through Purchase/Sales/Stock Management System, we have tried to introduce a simplest management software, keeping in mind almost all the daily needs of the agents and agencies.

Purchase/Sales/Stock Management System Features/Module

Manage Staff/Vendors/Customers

Menu Rights

Purchase Management

Sales/Billing Management

Expense Management

Waste Management

Send SMS To Customers

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