Payroll Management System

Project description

Firstring Media Human Resource Payroll software is web based software allows organization to generate pay slips and salary register, based on the attendance of the employees taking care of leaves, overtime, allowances, loans, advance, bonus, encashment and other standard deductions like Provident Funds, P.T, Income Tax etc.

Sahyog Group Pvt. Ltd


Employee Profile

Employee Joining Information

Employee Transfer, Promotions & Increments

Seprate Employee Account

Employee Yearly Leave setup

User Defined Leave types

Leave Application

Leave rules

Leave Balance Details

Leave Approvals

Monthly / Yearly Leave Carry Forward

MIS Reports

Overtime Details

User Defined Leave types

Manual Attendance done By Employee details

Late Coming, Early going, travel on Duty etcs

MIS Reports

User defined Salary Heads

Professional Tax Slab

Pay slip Generation

Salary formula

Create your own Salary Structures

MIS Reports

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