Online Learning System

Project description

Firstring Media developed and delivered successful Customised online Learning & Management System (LMS) according to client business requirement.

Customised Web-based Learning & Management System (LMS) really helps our clients to manage their business centrally and give environment to grow their business. It helps our client in a variety of ways. It helps manage their staff & departments, marketing process, students & tutors, course or package selection, online payment, class scheduling, online learning on interactive white board, homework and worksheet management, online examination process, customer relationship, tutors salary process.

Administrators can install or update classes in minutes and easily extend its functionality with feature modules. Administrator can do registration of tutors & students, manage all courses, packages fees, schedule classes, online payment.

System can quickly assemble, package, and redistribute web-based instructional content, easily import pre-packaged content, and conduct their courses online.

Global Online Tuition Pvt. Ltd


Company can manage all the staff, tutors, students & define their role and rights in the system. Each user has their own interactive dashboard so they can communicate internally & easily.

System allows company to manage marketing database management. They can sell the package and call system to manage all the history of each proposed customers. This will help them to increase their sales and service.

Admin staff can create setup course and packages. Admin staff can assign packages to student and do the fee related process. Syllabus of each course can easily setup from Admin account.

Admin can easily setup classes between students and tutors at anytime. Admin can also reschedule or cancel any class.

Increase student & tutors engagement with real-time audio-video communication, text chats, and advanced, interactive Whiteboards.

System provides all documents and past papers to tutor so they can understand the course and teaching methods.

Centralised communication allow students, tutors and staff to resolve their query. Notification system also helps them to interact easily and effectively.

Support system helps company to maintain their support and services for 24/7. It helps staff to resolve any issue easily, effectively and also manage all history.

Management teams can check all the business process with just one click. This will help them to improve their business process, analysis, strategy creation, employee performance, business growth.

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