Nursing Home Management

About Nursing Managment System

Nursing Management System, is designed to manage your day-to-day care and staffing needs from care plans, risk assessments and reviews through to absence tracking, training and rotas. The software has been designed to be fully customisable, allowing it to be adapted to different types of care provision, whilst retaining a clear and attractive layout. Coupled with extensive security and auditing features, keeping IT on top of the care standards, stringent record keeping has never been easier.

Nursing Managment System Features/Module

Records resident admission and discharge details

Care Planning and Risk Assessments

Complete historical trail of evaluations

Shift Handover and Diary reminders

Medical Notes and Body Map charting

Individual & Home Diaries

Messaging system

Accident & Incident analysis

Rotas & Absence Tracking

Training & Employee Reviews

Design your own assessments and templates

Extensive Security & Auditing tools

Remote Daily Diary/Observations

Staff can quickly and securely input notes and observations into daily diary via a smart phone/tablet. This cuts down administration time at the computer and ensures information is instantly at hand.

Front Desk

FrontDesk is an application within AstonCare which acts as a visitor book. Place a tablet or notebook on your front desk and allow visitors, clients and staff to log in and out electronically. FrontDesk will also post relevant activity to your client's daily diary.


Easily monitor enquiries from the prospective service users, family members or social workers.

Key features: Enquirer details, prospective service user details, care and booking details, follow-ups, visits and an archiving facility

Domiciliary Clients

Additionally, the office can see exactly where their careers are in real time.

Service User

Service users are considered to be the core of the AstonCare system. The application has been designed to make management of service users as simple, efficient and comprehensive as possible.

Key features are service user details, doctor and social worker details, requirements, contacts, visits, pocket money (including a control account),incidents, recording of valuables, area to attach files/documents to the service user record and discharge details.


Organise staff rotas easily and with minimal effort. With a scope of multiple pay rates, shifts, and departments, Aston Care uses a template to paste your data which can then be fine-tuned manually.


This area is used for managing the details of the various companies that come into contact with the staff/service users of your establishment.

Key features include business details, company contacts and product information


Contacts will range from service user's friends and family to professionals such as doctors and social workers. AstonCare organises contacts in groups that you define.

Key features of contacts include recording of home and business addresses, email and web site addresses, visits and an archiving facility.


The invoicing module makes invoicing much faster and considerably easier – you will never need to manually calculate backdated rate change adjustments. Set up multiple funders and multiple invoicing periods with ease. Also, integrate with popular direct debit request software such as NatWest Payaway.

Care Planning

A comprehensive and easy to use suite of assessments, which allow the collection and review of data relating to the service users, including: profile - water low - risk assessment - initial assessment - care needs assessment - O'Neil assessment (person-centred assessment) - therapeutic assessment - therapeutic plan - medical administration - functional evaluation - domiciliary assessments and much more.


Pre-defined reports

Enquiry Record - Service User Record - Visits - Outstanding Reminders - Service User Pocket Money Account - Service user Birthday List - Service User Contacts - Service User Incidents - Service User's Valuables - Staff Record - Staff Incidents - Staff Holidays - Staff Sickness - Company Product List etc.

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