Centralised Business Management System (ERP)

Project description

Centralised Business Management System (ERP) - Customised Business Management software is an ERP system, designed to achieve our customer business needs. It’s a huge system which manages all different departments and process such as sales and marketing department, technical department, operation department, hr department, account department and head office.

The system helps all users to manage business process data digitally and there is no need to do any manual process. All departments can manage and track data centrally.


Manage entire marketing and sales work digitally, from customer relationship management to meetings, status, product or service sale etc. After finalising the service, transfer next process to another account with important notifications for the other departments.

Manage services or package operation and implementation. Track and monitor each client service records digitally.

Manage company technical process. Creates standard and assigned it to different department for implementation. Staff training, meeting, scheduling all necessary and important work.

Manage recruitment process, existing employee salary, attendance, leave & resignation process.

Manage company financial details and accounts, employee salary, expense and all other required information.

Assign tasks to each employee automatically and notify them at assigned time in order to save a lot of time of employee and remove so many unneeded process.

Management team can check all the business process with just one click. This will help them to improve their business process, analysis, strategy creation, employee performance, business growth.

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